Maker Universe in ThreeJS

What’s Instructables?

When you come to visit us at Instructables, you’ll see a giant touchscreen that’s tasked with aiding the explanation. On this touchscreen are about 20,000 points of light, each representing a project on Instructables, the top-performing of all of our featured content. It’s there to help answer this question for visitors who may not know or be familiar with it at all, and to give an idea of the sheer breadth of passions in our community. The Instructables Galaxy is one part data-visualization, and one part interactive exhibit. It’s not meant to dig into each project, but to introduce them all, and their relationships to each other.

The Galaxy project has been ongoing for most of a year at this point. It’s gone through many iterations. For the first time, it is now small enough to work on the web. You’ll need Chrome. This fully interactive 3D demonstration will take everything your computer has to offer.